Equity Manager

The UTPLS Equity Manager is responsible for overseeing Equity within the UTPLS and at its events. The Equity Manager is an appointed representative who is independent from the general Executive team of the UTPLS.

Interested in serving as next year’s Equity Manager? Hiring is typically conducted in May by the current Equity Manager.

Equity Policy

The University of Toronto Pre-Law Society Equity Policy 2019-2020 governs the operation of the UTPLS and its members for the 2019-2020 term.
If you have any questions about the Policy, please contact our Equity Manager.

Equity Complaints

If you ever have any concerns about equity within the UTPLS, whether that be the conduct of Executive Officers, Team Members, General UTPLS Members, or other volunteers at UTPLS events, please contact our Equity Manager at equity.utpls@gmail.com. You may use the contact form below. If you wish to submit anonymously, please use the Equity Complaint Box, linked below.

Our Team

Contact our Equity Manager below.

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