The Mentorship program aims to connect UTPLS Members to one another. Mentors provide guidance to first and second year UTPLS Members who are looking to gain more knowledge on any or all of the following:

  • the UTPLS and its many initiatives;

  • the legal field (career building, opportunities, networking);

  • LSAT & law school admissions;

  • mock and moot competitions;

  • Intra Vires; and/or

  • general academic/career/life advice!


The UTPLS Mentorship Coordinators will host regular meetings for everyone enrolled in the program. Mentor pairings are also expected to regularly communicate with each other, and meet up in person at least once a month.

Mentors will receive CCR credit.


Mentor and mentee applications will open in September 2019!
Details will be posted here as they become available!


Mentorship Coordinators

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Mathuja Jeyakumar

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Crystal Ng

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