Mentee & Mentor applications are currently open!

Applications are due by 11:59PM on September 27, 2019.


The Mentorship program aims to connect UTPLS Members to one another. Mentors provide guidance to first and second year UTPLS Members who are looking to gain more knowledge on any or all of the following:

  • the UTPLS and its many initiatives;

  • the legal field (career building, opportunities, networking);

  • LSAT & law school admissions;

  • mock and moot competitions;

  • Intra Vires; and/or

  • general academic/career/life advice!


The UTPLS Mentorship Coordinators will host regular meetings for everyone enrolled in the program. Each meeting will focus on a particular topic related to the legal field or UofT and may feature guest speakers. Mentor pairings are also expected to regularly communicate with each other, and meet in person at least once a month.

Mentors will be eligible for CCR credit.


Mentor and mentee applications are currently open. Use the links above to apply now!


Mentorship Coordinators

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Mathuja Jeyakumar

Mathuja Jeyakumar is a fourth year University College student currently completing a double major in International Relations and Political Science. She is interested in pursuing international law, particularly in regards to state sovereignty and human rights law.

Mathuja joined UTPLS last year as a mentor for UTPLS’ first ever mentorship program. As a mentor, Mathuja had one-on-one meetings with students, and is familiar with the expectations of mentees and researching in order to provide the information they are looking for, such as how to approach the LSAT, information regarding law school applications, and how to get involved with other UTPLS initiatives such as mock trial and mooting. As Mentorship Coordinator, her position has expanded to organizing events, running meetings, and working with mentees collectively.

Outside of UTPLS, Mathuja is part of a variety of organizations on campus. She is the President of Save the Children, an organization dedicated to poverty alleviation, and she is the Third Year Representative for StrengthIN, a mental health organization. She is also a writer for the University of Toronto’s independent newspaper, The Newspaper, for the Music & Arts column.

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Crystal Ng

Crystal Ng is a fourth year Victoria College student double majoring in International Relations and Global Health.

Crystal served on the UTPLS executive last year, returning now as a Mentorship Coordinator. She will oversee the operations of the program, hoping to facilitate the best learning experience for all mentees interested in the field of law.

Crystal's involvement with UTPLS began in second year, in which she competed in several mooting competitions. Joining the executive and now the mentorship program came out of a genuine belief in the society as an indispensable point of connections, resources, and community, especially amongst the chaos that is undergrad. Having struggled herself to figure out her aspirations post-school, she credits UTPLS for helping her find a sense of direction.

Interestingly, Crystal does not aim to pursue a career in law after her undergrad and is instead aiming for a career in finance after working at two brokerages in Asia this summer. If she is not working or studying, she is following up on her latest investment, eating only the best food, and burning it off at the gym.

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