Mooting competitions consist of teams of 2, which typically compete in four Swiss-style preliminary rounds before progressing to elimination rounds. Teams will argue both sides of their case twice, forcing them to think about endless counter-arguments and be prepared to advocate for whichever side they are assigned. Competitors are required to focus on legal issues and remain consistent with courtroom decorum and formal arguments. A judge or panel of judges will interrupt regularly, challenging contestants' points and forcing them to pivot and think on their feet, getting their points across while addressing judges' concerns. Mooting helps to develop legal reasoning and presentation skills. 

Our Society connects students with six tournaments a year (see below), helping them to gain advocacy experience and meet other students interested in the law. We provide training for new mooters to help them become familiar with the process, and help experienced mooters hone their skills further. This year, our Mooting Directors and dedicated Mooting Board will be introducing an even more comprehensive mooting program, with a full-day training session in late-September, a curated Moot Team, with applicants selected based on their performance in try-outs, and participation in international competitions for the first time ever.


Moot Competitions

Capital Cup at Carleton University, Ottawa

The first tournament of the year, the Capital Cup was established in 2011 by the Carleton Law Society. Hosted in Ottawa yearly, the final round is usually held in the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court of Canada. 

UofT in Recent Years


  • Finalists: Ema Ibraković & Stefan Rus

  • Semi-Finals: Jacob Brozyna & Olivia Smith; Andrea Ho & David Baldridge

  • Quarter-Finals: Andrew Kidd & Eric Bryce

  • Sixteenths: Amelia Eaton & Paige Chu; Sofia Lin & Kevin Hong; Benjamin MacLean-Max & Bill Xu

  • Distinguished Oralists: Ema Ibraković, Kevin Hong, David Baldridge


  • Champions: Lucian Wang & Teodora Pasca

  • Distinguished Oralists: Lucian Wang, Teodora Pasca

McGill Invitational at McGill University, Montreal

Established by our friends at the McGill Pre-Law Society, the McGill Invitational opened to other universities for the first time in 2016. 2020 will mark its sixth year in operation.

UofT in Recent Years


  • Champions: Ema Ibraković & Stefan Rus

  • Finalists: Andrea Ho & David Baldridge

  • Distinguished Oralist: Ema Ibrakovic, Andrea Ho


  • Finalists: Teodora Pasca & Ayushi Thakur

  • Distinguished Oralists: David Baldridge, Ema Ibrakovic, Teodora Pasca, Ayushi Thakur


  • Finalists: Teodora Pasca & Solomiya Zakharchuk

  • Semi Finalists: Maddie Freedman & Ayushi Thakur, Ema Ibrakovic & Stefan Rus

  • Quarter Finalists: Sophia Glisch & Humayun Ahmed, Venus Wang & Mira Pijselman

  • Oralist Awards: Teodora Pasca, Jeremy Brodeur-Urbas, Venus Wang, Mira Pijselman, Ema Ibrakovic


  • Champions: Lucian Wang & Teodora Pasca

  • Distinguished Oralist: Lucian Wang

UofT @McGill Classic, January 2017


UofT Cup at University of Toronto, Toronto

2020 marks the fourth iteration of the UofT Cup, hosted by the UTPLS’s own Mooting Program. UTPLS’s Moot Directors and Moot Board run point on all operations of the UofT Cup.


UofT in Recent Years


  • Champions: Bill Xu & Benjamin MacLean-Max

  • Finalists: Paige Chu & Amelia Eaton

  • Quarter-Finalists: Anna Nabutovsky & Solomiya Zakharchuk, Olivia Smith

  • Distinguished Oralists: Benjamin MacLean-Max, Amelia Eaton, Olivia Smith, Solomiya Zakharchuk


  • Finalist: Sofia Lin

  • Semi-Finalist: Bill Xu & Benjamin McLean-Max; Andrea Ho & David Baldridge

  • Quarter-Finalists: Maria Hutt & Anna Nabutovsky; Solomiya Zaharchuk & Sylvia Wang; Sam Hauer & Nicholas Klid


  • Finalists: Ema Ibrakovic & Stefan Rus

  • Semi-Finalists: Amy Cao & Venus Wang; Jayun Bae & Arry Vasilodimitrakis-Hart

  • Quarter-Finalists: Sohaib Ahmed & Humayun Ahmed; Matthew Kronberg & Zachary Rosen

  • Distinguished Oralists: Sofia Lin, Zachary Rosen, Ema Ibrakovic

UofT @ Osgoode Cup, March 2016

UofT @ Osgoode Cup, March 2016

Osgoode Cup at Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto

Held for the first time in 2005, the Osgoode Cup has a long tradition, entering in its 15th year this coming March. It is by far the most well-established and largest of the undergraduate mooting tournaments. Hosted at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University’s Keele campus, the tournament closes out the yearly mooting season. 

UofT in Recent Years


  • Quarter-Finalists: Caroline Chen & Steven Han; Florian Nagy & Andrea Ho

  • Sixteenths: Ema Ibrakovic & Stefan Rus; Anna Nabutovsky & Solomiya Zakharchuk; Bill Xu & Benjamin MacLean-Max

  • Distinguished Oralists: Ema Ibrakovic, Benjamin MacLean-Max, Steven Han


  • Semi-Finalists: Teodora Pasca & Ema Ibrakovic

  • Sixteenths: Crystal Ng & Tom Lee; Venus Wang & Mira Pijselman; Bill Xu & Benjamin MacLean-Max

  • Distinguished Oralists: Solomiya Zakharchuk, Teodora Pasca, Benjamin MacLean-Max


  • Semi-Finalists: Ayushi Thakur & Maddie Freeman

  • Quarter-Finalists: Teodora Pasca & Ema Ibrakovic

  • Sixteenths: Eric Bryce & Andrew Kidd

  • Distinguished Oralists: Ayushi Thakur, Andrew Kidd, Harshita Iyer


  • Semi-Finalists: Madeleine Freeman & Ayushi Thakur

  • Sixteenths: Mira Pijselman & Emmy Fu

  • Distinguished Oralist: Jeremy Brodeur-Urbas


Gryph Cup at University of Guelph, Toronto

The First Annual Gryph Cup is the first undergraduate mooting tournament to be hosted by the undergraduate Pre-Law Society at the University of Guelph.


Lion’s Cup at York University, Toronto

The Lion’s Cup was the first of its kind as it was the first time a national moot was held at York University and the first mooting event held in the summer. The first annual Lion’s Cup was held in 2018 and 2019 will mark its second year in operation. As it is held in the summer, it is designed to provide students from universities and colleges from across the country the chance to compete outside of the regular academic school year.