While criminal litigation is one of the most widely known characteristics of the legal profession, there are few opportunities to directly participate in it. Also, because it is law’s more popular aspect, as seen over television and in movies, it is not only a great way to better introduce prospective legal professionals to its intricacies, but also to provide them with an experience to do so. Mock Trials provide students the opportunity to refine their legal and logical reasoning and the ability to work with a team to both build their position and resolve their case. The case chosen will represent real and pressing issues within the criminal realm and explore the importance of teamwork and individual performance in a competitive setting. Exposure to criminal litigation will introduce students to the importance of opening and closing arguments, and to the critical role of witness testimony and reliability. Mock Trials will challenge teams to develop and demonstrate their litigation abilities in front of peers, jurors, and esteemed judges.

In addition to the benefits of exposure to criminal litigation, Mock Trials connect students with like-minded peers and legal professionals, providing them with the ability to network outside the classroom in a more relaxed and niche environment. The relationships built will last beyond the competition and will encourage lasting personal and professional connections.


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