Anna Nabutovsky, President

Anna Nabutovsky is a fourth-year Trinity College student pursuing a specialist in psychology and a major in statistics. Her involvement with the UTPLS community started when she began mooting during her first year at UofT. Since that point she has been avidly involved in the UTPLS both as a competitor and an executive.

As a competitor, Anna has won numerous awards in both Mooting and Mock Trial competitions. Her positive experiences inspired Anna to run and serve as the UTPLS Vice-President for the 2018-19 year. During her term as VP, she introduced a number of new events and initiatives, and was awarded for Excellence as a Club Executive by the University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU).

In addition to serving as UTPLS President, Anna is involved in undergraduate research in psychology and works as a legal assistant at Steven Tress Law. In pursuing the former, she currently works with two Professors at UofT, researching perceptions of sexual predators and the neurological correlates of intuition. Anna is also excited to have been selected for a 13 month international research program in Behavioural Economics.

This year Anna is excited to contribute to the UTPLS community by facilitating the expansion of all the portfolios. For instance, Anna is excited to take the UTPLS international by expanding the Mooting and Mock Trial programs to include competitions abroad, and introducing a comprehensive global law school admissions series.

If you have any questions about the upcoming year, please do not hesitate to contact her at


Maria Hutt, Vice President

Maria is a fourth year Victoria College student pursuing a double major in Peace, Conflict & Justice and Political Science, and a minor in History. She is the Vice President for UTPLS for the 2019-2020 school year.

Maria has been actively involved in the Pre-Law Society since her first year at UofT when she competed at Osgoode Cup. She has since competed in a total of six moot competitions, as well as UTPLS's two Mock Trial competitions. She has placed at numerous competitions, most notably placing first in last year's (2018) Mock Trial Competition. Maria was also involved on last year’s Executive team, serving as Finance Director. She is excited to continue to be actively (if not overly) involved with the Society this year as an Executive Member, competitor, and a mentor!

As you can infer from her involvement with the UTPLS, Maria intends to pursue a law degree after her undergraduate studies and has been working at a Law Office for over four years in order to further this goal. She (along with many of her colleagues) has been preparing for the LSAT and upcoming law school applications. In addition to her legal studies, Maria teaches piano and is studying for her ARCT.

Maria can be reached at


Ian MacDonald, Finance Director

Ian MacDonald is a fourth year University College student pursuing a major in Criminology & Sociolegal Studies, with a double minor in Philosophy and Political Science. 

Ian joined the UTPLS community last year when he took part in several Mooting competitions. He recognized and enjoyed the amazing opportunities provided by the UTPLS, prompting him to become more involved this year as part of the executive team. As the Finance Director for the upcoming year, Ian will take part in the financial planning of several exciting events, as well as setting up scholarships for Mooting and Mock Trial competitions to ensure equitable access for UTPLS members. Ian is excited to bring his organization and management skills to ensure the smooth operation of the UTPLS. 

Outside of his involvement in the UTPLS, Ian competes and is team manager for the Varsity Blues Mountain Bike Team. He is also on the Criminology Students’ Association (CRIMSA) executive this year, serving as the Communications Director. 

Evidently, Ian hopes to pursue a career in law after graduating. He is especially interested in Canadian criminal law, as well as the social understanding and reactions to law more generally. Ian looks forward to serving the UTPLS community and providing all members with support in achieving their future goals. 

Ian can be reached at for all financial matters. 

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Luisa Juarez, Communications Director 

Luisa Juarez is a fourth year Woodsworth College student pursuing a double major in Equity Studies and Political Science and a minor in Philosophy.

This is Luisa’s first time being apart of the UTPLS Executive team as this year’s communications director. With this position, Luisa manages several of the UTPLS related social media pages as well as keeping communication with the over 200 members affiliated with UTPLS and its various sponsors and partners.

What drove Luisa to become a member of UTPLS was her passion to promote and ensure fair and equal rights and treatment to those who may not be well represented in society. Her background as an Equity Studies major is her main motivation to pursue law school. Through her courses Luisa has developed an interest in activism for social issues.

Apart from Luisa’s academic career and future ambitions, Luisa is aiming to pursue a Parliamentary internship with the GreenPAC Organization. This position would give her a greater access to the inner-workings of Parliament in Ottawa as well as putting her in a position that peeks her interests in activism.

Luisa can be reached at regarding any inquiries directed to the UTPLS.

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Efe Akan, Events Director

Efe Akan is a third year student pursuing a specialist in philosophy. His academic interests include but not limited to Continental Philosophy (especially existentialism), Ancient Philosophy (particularly Plato), and the intersection of law and philosophy. 

He is the Events Director of UTPLS for the 2019-2020 school year. He became interested in law during the second year of his undergraduate studies, and he loved what law as an institution can offer and lawyers as actors can do. Finding a field where he can channel his ambitions and passions for moral thinking, analytical thinking, and writing, he decided to dedicate himself to the field of law from then onwards. 

His involvement with UTPLS began during that time (second year of his undergraduate studies) where he become a member and a mentee. As a mentee, having a great mentor- who was the former president of the UTPLS (Solomiya), he gained insight into UTPLS community and decided to take responsibilities and leadership roles in the years to come.

As one of this year’s Events Directors, he will be organizing, overseeing, and directing both the law-related events and the socials which will aim to inform people about the field of law and create a sense of community within UTPLS. 

Outside of UTPLS, Efe is an editor for the history and philosophy of science journal ALMAGEST, and recently finished his summer internship in the Istanbul Office of Baker & McKenzie. He is an avid reader of literature (drama, tragedy, and poetry are his favourite genres). He also enjoys fine dining, trying-out new coffee shops, walking and running in the city while listening to upbeat music. 

Efe can be reached at regarding any event related matters.


Sara Rasikh, Events Director

Sara Rasikh is a second-year Trinity College student pursuing a double-major in Ethics, Society & Law and Equity Studies. She is the Events Director for the University of Toronto’s Pre-Law Society this academic year.

Sara is fuelled by her passion for understanding the relations between Equity and Law in society. She strongly believes in the importance of turning knowledge into action, and is thus working in philanthropy with various charitable organizations.

Her interest in the field of Law was sparked when she was in high-school, where she became the President of the Mock-Trial, Debate, and Model United Nations teams. Just last year, she also placed as a Finalist in the UTPLS’s Mock-Trial competition. Sara hopes to pursue a Law degree after her undergraduate, as her goal is to be a Lawyer. 

This year, Sara will transfer the skills that she has acquired in her previous leadership positions, and apply them to the work she leads. As a matter of fact, she hopes to further develop her communication, management, and delegation skills through her involvement with the UTPLS as an Events Director.

If you have any questions about the upcoming year or its various events, please do not hesitate to contact Sara at

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Bill Xu, Mooting Director

Bill Xu is a fourth-year Trinity College student who is double majoring in Ethics, Society, & Law and Peace, Conflict, & Justice studies.

Bill joined the UTPLS in his second year as a first-time mooter and instantly fell in love with the
activity. Since then, he has attended numerous moot competitions and served as moot team captain. Bill has extensive experience in mooting, having participated in six tournaments. Each time, he has advanced to the second day’s elimination rounds and consistently placed amongst the highest ranked teams. Along the way, he has also picked up numerous individual speaking awards.

As co-mooting director, Bill will help organize the University of Toronto Cup for the 2019-2020 school year, as well as overseeing the UTPLS mooting program in general at other competitions. He hopes to make this year’s UofT cup a memorable, enriching, and rewarding experience for all participants.

Bill hopes to pursue a law career after his undergraduate degree. Specifically, he is interested in international and human rights law. His goal is to become the next Amal Clooney. Bill is excited to work with a talented and hard-working group of people on this year’s executive team to serve the UTPLS community!

Bill can be contacted at

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Benjamin MacLean-Max, Mooting Director

Ben MacLean-Max is a fourth-year Trinity College student pursuing a major in Peace, Conflict, and Justice studies, a minor in Philosophy, and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. In second year, he decided to try out for the moot team, with no real idea what it was or what he was getting into. He’s been mooting ever since. Last year, he was one of the Team Captain along with Andrea Ho and Bill Xu, his co-champion of U of T cup. This year, he ran for and was elected to the position of co-Mooting Director and is very excited about the year to come!

As Mooting Director, Ben looks forward to putting together this year’s U of T moot team, and working with the Team Captains and the rest of the Mooting Board to make them the best U of T team yet. He is also excited to start planning U of T’s annual Moot Tournament with the UTPLS executive and Moot Board, and anticipates that this year’s tournament will live up to the standard of excellence established by previous years’ Moot Directors. 

Outside of UTPLS, Ben is also co-President of the Peace, Conflict, and Justice Society. In the year to come he looks forward to applying for law schools and grad schools, finishing his undergraduate degree, and most of all working with the fantastic group of people who make up the UTPLS Executive and community!

Ben can be reached at

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Caroline Chen, Mock Trial Director

Caroline Chen is a fourth year Woodsworth College student pursuing a specialist in International Relations, a major in Criminology and Sociolegal Studies and a minor in History. Caroline first joined the UTPLS in her first year, when she participated in a mooting competition. Since then, Caroline has continued to be a competitor in both Mock Trial and Mooting competitions, winning several awards.

Having really enjoyed competing and being a part of the community, Caroline decided to become more involved this year as a member of the executive team and really looks forward to planning a great Mock Trial event!

Outside of UTPLS, Caroline is also on the Criminology Students' Association (CRIMSA) executive, serving as Academic Events Director and the University of Toronto United Nations Society (UNSOC), serving as Director of Communications and Technology. Caroline will also serve as a member on the Governing Council's Academic Board and Committee on Academic Policy and Programs.

After her undergraduate, Caroline hopes to pursue a career in global security, intelligence and international affairs. Caroline is excited to be serving the UTPLS community and can't wait to see what this year brings.



Maryam Aziz, Mock Trial Director

Maryam Aziz is a fourth year Trinity College student pursuing a double major in Criminology and Sociolegal Studies and Ethics, Society and Law. Maryam got involved with the UTPLS in her second year, when she participated in the first ever University of Toronto Mock Trial Competition. In the following year, Maryam built on her new found passion for mock trial by running and getting elected as Director of the UTPLS Mock Trial program. 

Serving as Mock Trial Director for a second term, Maryam has a keen interest in growing the pre-law community and hopes to curate an even more enriching Mock Trial program for the 2019-2020 year. Her goal is to bring together those who are eager to hone their litigation skills and to garner a sense of community among those interested in a career in the legal field. Maryam is very excited about expanding the Mock Trial program to provide U of T students access to compete in more external competitions and to offer invaluable networking opportunities with professional in the legal field.

 Outside of UTPLS, Maryam has served on the Criminology Students’ Association for two consecutive terms, as Junior Representative and Academic Events Director respectively. In the year to come, she looks forward to applying for law school, finishing her undergraduate degree and working with the amazing group of people who make up this year’s UTPLS executive team!

 Maryam can be reached at


Sasha Aristotle, Intra Vires Co-Editor-in-Chief

Sasha Aristotle is a fourth year student who is currently completing a major in History with a double minor in English and Economics. Sasha was drawn to work on Intra Vires because of her passion for editing and interest in applications of the law, particularly as means through which systemic change can be catalyzed. 

Sasha first became involved with both UTPLS and Intra Vires as a First Year Representative, and later moved into an editorial role. Along with her co-Editor-in-Chief, Yakin Ebsim, Sasha will be responsible for managing all aspects of the journal's selection, editorial and publication processes. She is eager to expand both the depth and breadth of the journal's content and reach, and is greatly looking forward to the upcoming year's issues. 

Sasha is also an Associate Director of Research for the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect and a Senior Director of Research for the charity 3-2-1 Empower.  During her year abroad in London, Sasha worked as a research assistant for both the University of Oxford and on a consulting project for the Equality and Human Rights Commission's legal team.  Sasha has also previously edited for the Hart House Review and for Amnesty International, and worked as a Junior Fellow for the Canadian International Council. 

Sasha can be contacted at


Yakin Ebsim, Intra Vires Co-Editor-in-Chief

Yakin Ebsim is a fourth year student pursuing a specialist in History with a minor in Philosophy. With an interest in political history, she became interested in the law as it is inexorably tied to the larger political systems that it rests upon.

Yakin initially became involved in her first year as a First Year Representative for UTPLS and a Junior editor for University of Toronto’s Undergraduate Law Journal Intra Vires. Her skills from her history degree naturally drew her to greater involvement in the editorial process of the academic journal.

As this year’s Editor-in-Chief of Intra Vires, she will be overseeing and managing the entire reviewing, editing and publishing process alongside the other Editor-in-Chief, Sasha Aristotle. She looks forward to improving the quality and transparency of the editorial process and introduce new events to expand the reach of the journal.

Outside UTPLS, Yakin is a history research assistant investigating state formation and state collapse, an editor for the Canadian Journal on the Responsibility to Protect, and in her spare time enjoys reading works of fiction outside her field of study.

Yakin can be reached at



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