The UTPLS first launched the Scholarship Fund in 2018 as a way to aid individual competitors with competition fees.

Competition fees may include:

  • Registration fees (approximately $55-$90 per person depending on the competition);

  • Accomodations (hotel or otherwise);

  • Travel (train, bus, subway).

Scholarships are paid directly to deserving recipients upon award. All disbursements are handled by the UTPLS Finance Director, who may be contacted at

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Application Process

Scholarships will be awarded for the following six competitions:

  • University of Toronto Mock Trial;

  • McGill University Mock Trial;

  • Capital Cup Moot;

  • McGill Cup Moot;

  • U of T Cup Moot; and

  • Osgoode Cup Moot.

Competitors may apply for and receive Scholarships for multiple competitions.

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Decision Process

Scholarships may be awarded on any or all of the following basis:

  • Financial need;

  • High-level of achievement in law-related competitions;

  • Expressed interest in law-related competitions; and/or

  • Other compelling reasons submitted by the individual applicant.

The distribution of Scholarships is adjudicated over by the following persons who collectively comprise the Scholarship Fund Board:

  • UTPLS President;

  • UTPLS Vice President;

  • UTPLS Equity Manager; and

  • Volunteering representatives from organizations who sponsor the UTPLS (varies from year to year).