Our partners help us gain access to the legal field outside of UofT and serve as advisors to the organization.


Lucian Wang 

Lucian Wang is a JD candidate at NYU School of Law, and former UTPLS Vice-President and Moot Court Director. While at UofT, he studied an unusual combination of Political Science, and Biodiversity and Conservation Biology. During his time here, Lucian won the championships of the Capital Cup and the McGill Moot Court, later co-founding the inaugural UofT Cup. He wrote his LSAT at the beginning of his third year, scoring a 174 (99.4th percentile) on his first and only attempt, and began working professionally in LSAT prep soon afterwards.

After enrolling in the fiercely competitive NYU School of Law, he retired from teaching and now volunteers with UTPLS as an advisor to undergraduate students for the LSAT and the admissions process in general. His interest in law is fueled by an appreciation for it’s coherent and logical nature, and he hopes to join the prestigious corporate law firms of NYC. Lucian helps students understand the complex LSAT prep marketplace, what the LSAT entails, and “what matters” for law school admissions. He encourages students to get in touch with him directly with their questions regarding the LSAT, law school life, and Canadian/US admissions.


MyReducation helps candidates create strong law school application packages. You will be matched with a coach who will personally guide you through the application process, discuss different school options, help you understand your strengths, and will allow you to position yourself in the best way possible.  MyReducation focuses on application strategy, school profiles, personal statements, reference strategies and more! Want more information? Contact MyReducation for a free consultation at info@myreducation.com. You can also visit their website at www.myreducation.com

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