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Diversity in Law

Do you wonder about the impact or positive change you can have on the law? Do you ever wonder about the student groups that you can join during law school?
By bringing different legal actors and student groups from UofT Law like Out in Law, etc. we aim to celebrate the challenges that many people have overcome in the field of law. 
The event will consist of a panel of representatives from diverse student associations affiliated with U of T's Faculty of Law.The panel will focus on informing students about involvement in Law School. 
It will also aim to introduce groups that aspire to identify and work towards the removal of systematic and other barriers facing marginalized groups in relation to law school and the legal profession.

Tentative List of Speakers:
- Shawn Richard, Director of Continuing Legal education at the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers
- Andrew P. Wang, Co-President of Out in Law at the UofT Faculty of Law
- Professor Miedema from Trinity College (after 3pm) speaking about Gender and Mental Health issues in law
- Brian Lynch a 2L at UofT Law, Treasurer of the Black Law Students' Association of Canada
Free pizza and drinks will also be provided!