The University of Toronto Mock Trial Competition:


UTMTC is a two day competition held over one weekend (Saturday and Sunday). On the first day, all teams will go through four non-elimination rounds, arguing for each side twice. The eight teams that finish the first day of the competition with the highest overall scores will then proceed to compete on the second day. All teams other than the top eight will be eliminated and will not proceed to compete on the second day. Of course, eliminated teams are always welcome to attend and watch the second day’s rounds. On the second day, teams will compete in elimination rounds (based entirely on win/loss) to determine a final champion. There is only ever one case per competition, and you are expected to prepare to present for both sides because you will have to represent both sides over the course of the entire day. 

There are four members per teams. Each team will argue for one side of a criminal case (Crown & Defense). Each team is required to present with two lawyers and two witnesses. Lawyers will present Opening and Closing Arguments and conduct Direct and Cross Examinations. Witnesses should be prepared for a Direct and Cross Examination.


~Other~ Undergraduate Mock Trial Competitions

With UTPLS leading as the first undergraduate Mock Trial competition in Canada, other Universities in Canada are now developing their own Mock Trial programs.

Starting in 2019-2020, UTPLS will be holding try-outs for a Mock Trial team. The Mock Trial Program will then train and prepare this team to compete at other undergraduate Mock Trials both nationally and internationally!

Details will be posted as they become available.